A Book by John Mashni, Art by Kate Cosgrove


Finally, the funniest version of the Cinderella story you’ll ever hear! When Cinderella rushes out of the ball, she leaves something behind: the stench of her own, unique toot! Join in the fun as the prince creates a recipe to help the maidens in the land pass gas, and then searches (or sniffs) for the smell of his true love. The smells he encounters along the way will have you laughing until you cry!

32 Pages, a Lifetime of Joy
Todd Brison
“My daughter laughed so hard as we read the CinderToot story together. She decided to join in the tooting contest herself and competed, then took a big whiff and said “rotten broccoli,” and cackled with delight. Thanks for fun, laughter, and memories.”
Nicole Akers
Writer, Mother
“Thank you for giving me 30 minutes of pure laughter with my kids.”
Jerome Vierling
Pastor, FATHER OF five
Book author

John Mashni

John grew up with a love of falafel, beans, and great stories— thus he was destined to write a fairy tale about toots.  While his daytime disguise is being an attorney, by night John and his kids dream up tales of joy and sometimes, well, flatulence.  John lives in Michigan with his super hero wife, four kids, and a dog.  


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